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Tsuba: Mumei attributed as Kokinko 'dianthus flowers'


Mei (signature) : Mumei (Unsigned) attributed as Kokinko.

Length : 7.22 cm x 6.89 cm ( 2.84 inches x 2.71 inches)
Thickness of rim: 0.45 cm ( 0.18 inches)
Weight : 104 grams.
Jidai(era) : Momoyama period.

Special feature : Nadeshiko (dianthus) flower engraved on Shakudo Nanakoji plate.
At end of Nanbokucho period, the trend of ‘Renga’, the collaborative poetry and ‘Sado’ the way of tea started to effect Samurai culture more elegance and Tosogu also became decorative from that ages. Ko-Kinko are extensive call for craftsmen whom were not linage of Ko-Goto or Shoami school. This Kozuka is apprised to be crafted even more before then Momoyama period but at mid Muromachi period I think.
‘Nadesiko’, the dianthus flowers are carved on Shakudo-Nanakoji plate, made more bigger then any Kozuka crafted at Edo period. Arabesque pattern is different from the designs on the ages after. ‘Nadeshiko’ also has a meaning of ‘ladies and children’. The word Nadeshiko can be seen in old poems like in Manyoshu, “Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves”, the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry.

AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

price: JPY 35,000-.