Hinawa Ju : Kosyu kunitomo…(following part is unknown)/Suruga Ken

Hinawa Ju (Matchlock gun / Arquebus)

Mei (Signature) : Kosyu kunitomo…(following part is unknown)
Tsuruga Ken(Fukui prefecture)

Maximum length : 139.0 cm or 54.72 inches
length of barrel : 101.5 cm or 39.96 inches
Koukei (Caliber) : 1.3 cm or 0.51 inches.
Era : Edo period.
Special feature : Kosyu kunitomo was working at Shiga Nagahama city for making Hinawa Jyu at the whole village.
They made signature Kunitomo on the Hinawajyu on the back side of the gun.
This Hinawa Jyu wood is very nice color without Kizu and also engraved dragon and clouds on the upper part of the gun.
I think this item is perfect condition and nice engraving.
It is suitable for decorating in your room.

Aoi Art estimation paper

Price : 500,000 JPY-

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