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「Tsuka/Others」 一覧

A Set of Wakyu(Japanese Bow), Arrows and Quiver: Mumei

2016/12/09   -Tsuka/Others

Wakyu(Japanese bow): Mei (signature) : mumei(Unsigned) Jidai(Era): Edo Period Special feature: It is Japanese bow that is categorized as Chokyu(long bow). It is a set of arrows and Utsuho(quiver). The Utsuho has Hikiryo Mon(crest with double line in a circle) ...

Sword stand : Mumei (unsigned)

2016/11/30   -Tsuka/Others

Sword stand : Mei (signature) : Mumei (unsigned) Jidai (era): Modern times. Special feature : This sword stand can keep 3 swords. The Birds and trees design is made of white fragmentation shell. This stand made of red sandalwood. The ...

Shell-shaped Maedate : Mumei

2016/11/15   -Tsuka/Others

Maedate Jidai(era) : Edo period Special feature : This Shell-shaped Maedate is made with silver. Aoi-Art estimation paper. Price : 30,000 JPY

Tsuka : Fuchi : Hamano Houzui

2016/11/10   -Tsuka/Others

Tsuka : Tsuka maximum Length : 17.3 cm ( 6.81 inches) Fuchi Length : 3.8 cm x 2.07 cm ( 1.49 inches x 0.81 inches) Kashira Length : 3.3 cm x 1.79 cm ( 1.29 inches x 0.70 inches) Width ...

A set of jutte and baton

2016/10/19   -Tsuka/Others

A set of jutte and baton. Mei(signature) : Mumei Jutte Length : 44.5 cm (17.51 inches) Baton Length : 30.7 cm (12.08 inches) Jidai : Edo period. Special feature : On the iron Jutte. Jutte is a specialized weapon. It was used by ...

Hinawa Ju : Kosyu kunitomo...(following part is unknown)/Suruga Ken

2016/10/19   -Tsuka/Others

Hinawa Ju (Matchlock gun / Arquebus) Mei (Signature) : Kosyu kunitomo...(following part is unknown) Tsuruga Ken(Fukui prefecture) Maximum length : 139.0 cm or 54.72 inches length of barrel : 101.5 cm or 39.96 inches Koukei (Caliber) : 1.3 cm or 0.51 ...

Jutte: Mumei

2016/10/10   -Tsuka/Others

Jutte : Mei(signature) : Mumei Length : about 30.8 cm or 12.1 inches Jidai : Edo period. Special feature : This Jutte is made from iron. Tsuka seems to be wrapped by leather and Kashira parts are made from brass. ...

Abumi (kicking strap): Mumei waves and plovers

2016/10/05   -Tsuka/Others

Abumi (kicking strap) Mei(signature):Mumei (unsined) Jidai(era):Late Edo period. Special feature: The waves and plovers with gold lacquer. AOI estimation paper Price : JPY 180,000-.

Hair comb and Kogai(Japanese hairpin)

2016/09/22   -Tsuka/Others

Hair comb and Kogai(Japanese hairpin): Mei (signature) : mumei(Unsigned) Hair comb size : 8.40 cm x 3.35 cm x 0.22 cm ( 3.30 inches x 1.31 inches x 0.08 inches) Kogai(Japanese hairpin) size : 12.5 cm x 0.82 cm ( 4.92 inches ...

Silver Mekugi-nuki: Youko(fox spirit)

2016/09/05   -Tsuka/Others

Silver Mekugi-nuki: Mei (signature) : Oni Length : 12.15 cm or 4.73 inches Jidai (era) : Modern times. Special feature : It is silver a mekugi-nuki(wood pick remover)with Youko(fox spirit). And also there is a dragon on the handle. Aoi ...