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Iron folding fan : Takahashi Taichiro / Tsuji Masanobu


Iron folding fan
Hakogaki: Takahashi Taichiro Aisho Iai Tessen
Showa 10nen 4gatsu Oite Motome Kore Masanobu.

Size of folding fan : 28.5 cm x 2.8 cm ( 11.22 inches x 1.10 inches)
Size of box : H 35.8cm x W 6.5cm x D 6.0cm ( 14.09 inches x 2.55 inches x 2.36 inches)

Jidai(era) : Edo period.

Special feature: This iron folding fan cherished by late Takahashi Taichiro. Tsuji Masanobu got this fan in April 1935.
The iron folding fan use for self-defense in place where weapons is prohibited. Celebrities had possession iron folding fan.
This item is quite rare. We recommend this fan very much.

Takahashi Taichiro was born is 1814. He is Samurain of Mito-Domain.
He is one of the mastermind behind the Sakuradamon Incident 1860.

Tsuji Masanobu was a tactician of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second World War and later a politician. He planed Battles of KhalhinGol, Malayman Campaign, Kokoda Track campaign and Guadalcanal Campaign.

AOI estimation paper
In box.

Price : 30,000 JPY-