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「Others」 一覧

Gunsen(War fan)

2016/11/03   -Others

Gunsen(War fan) Mei (signature) : Mumei weight : about 114 grams. length: about 33cm. Jidai : Edo period. A war fan is a fan designed for use in warfare. Several types of war fans were used by the samurai class ...

Ninjya goods: Hatsuburi, Happuri or Hanbo

2016/10/22   -Others

Ninjya goods: Hatsuburi, Happuri or Hanbo Jidai : Middle to late Edo period Description : One of the armors to protect the face. Made by iron, covering both cheeks from the forehead. The condition is good. This is quite rare ...


2016/10/15   -Others

Kabutowari. Mei (signature) : Mumei (unsigned) Length : 45.5 cm or 17.91 inches Jidai(era) : Edo period. Special feature: It is a Kabuto-wari shaped like a Katana. This item is called Kabutowari which was used asinsted of Jyutte. Okappiki means ...

Silver Mekugi-nuki: skull motif

2016/09/29   -Others

Silver Mekugi-nuki: Mei (signature) : Oni(Kao) Length : about 10 cm or about 3.93 inches Jidai (era) : Modern times. Special feature : It is silver a mekugi-nuki(wood pick remover)with skull motif. A bone motif is knit on leather strap. ...

Shikito (Command Saber)

2016/09/09   -Koshirae, Others

Shikito (Command Saber) whole length : 80 cm or 31.49 inches The length of Tsuka : 16 cm or 6.29 inches The length of Saya : 64.5cm or 25.39 inches Period: Showa period. Special feature: This command saber was used by ...

Painting: mumei 'stores of merchants'

2016/08/26   -Others

Painting: Mei (signature) : mumei(Unsigned) frame size : 80 x 68 cm (31.5 inches x 26.8 inches) Jidai(era) : Azuchi-momoyama period. Special feature: This old painting of stores and the street seems to be drawn at Azuchi-momoyama period. Merchants starts ...

Smoking pipe case with Cut tobbacco case

2016/06/19   -Others

Smoking pipe case with Cut tobbacco case : Mei (signature) : Mumei Smoking pipe case Length : 22.0 cm x 2.57 cm x 1.96 cm ( 8.67 inches x 1.12 inches x 0.77 inches) Cut tobbacco case Length : 13.22 cm x 7.20 ...

Jingasa: Mumei, Kiri-mon family crest

2016/06/03   -Others

Jingasa Mei (signature) : Mumei Size: 34cm x 31cm x 15cm ( 13.38 inches x 12.20 inches x 5.90 inches) Jidai(era) : Late Edo period Special feature: There is Kiri-mon family crest engraved at the front. Aoi-Art estimation paper. Price : 30,000 JPY-

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Hibashi: Mumei(Unsigned)

2016/05/12   -Others

Hibashi(Metal Chopstick for handling charcoal) Mei: Mumei(Unsigned) Length: 24.4cm×0.69cm (9.6inches×0.27inches) Special Feature: Iron plate with gold and silver plate engraved. It is not quite often to be seen today but Hibashi was once used around the Iron stove. They were ...

Short Iron Gun Design Yatate

2016/03/07   -Others

Short Iron Gun Design Yatate Maximum Length : 25cm ( 9.84inches) Era: Late Edo Period- Bakumatsu Special Feature: This -yatate-brush and ink case is brush and ink case. is western gun design Japanese Yatate.At that time, people emphasize “iki-stylishness-” and ...