Short Iron Gun Design Yatate

Short Iron Gun Design Yatate

Maximum Length : 25cm ( 9.84inches)
Era: Late Edo Period- Bakumatsu

Special Feature: This -yatate-brush and ink case is brush and ink case. is western gun design Japanese Yatate.At that time, people emphasize “iki-stylishness-” and “share-wit” on the items that they have. Therefore, the dexterous people at the time has made various type of yatate.
This yatate looks completely like a gun from outside. Inside the barrel there is a charcoal pen inside. There is two letters engraved on the pen but it is hard to identify what the letter is. It is very rare item that is hard to come across. On the surface of the box, it is written Suehiro Matsu◯◯.

In wood box
AOI estimation paper

Price : 25,000 JPY-

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