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Calligraphy : Hundred Refine My Sword(Sanryu Masamine)

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Hundred Refine My Sword(Sanryu Masamine)

Size : 124 cm x 48 cm x 3 cm ( 48.81 inches x 18.89 inches x 1.18 inches)

Sumitani Masamine was born in Matto city, Ishikawa pref on January 24th, 1921.
After he graduated Ritsumeikan University, he studied making swords under Sakurai MAsayuki.
In 1956, he made sword craft center “Sanryu-tei” at his home.
From, 1957 to 1964, he got the Nyusho prize at Shinsakuto Gizyutu Happyokai competition.
In 1965, he got also the Masamune-sho prize and Meiyo Kaicho-sho prize at Shinsaku Meito-ten competition.
And he made sword craft center “Ryozan-tei”
In 1966, he got the Masamune-sho prize again, and he got Mainichi Shinbunsya-sho prize.
He became Mukansa swordsmith and judge of Shinsaku Meito-ten competition.
In 1967, he became Mukei Bunkazai of Ishikawa pref (Intangible Cultural Properties of Ishikawa pref).
In 1972, he got the 1st Kunzansho prize.
In 1974, he got the Masamune-sho prize.
In 1981, he became the Ningen Kokuho (Living National Treasures of Japan).
In 1984, he got the Shiju-Hosho prize.
In 1990, he made sword for current Emperor of Japan.
He discoursed at the British Museum.
From 1991 to 1994, he made some swords for Emperor’s family.
In 1992, he receive the order from Ise Jingu Grand Shrine.
In 1998, he passed away when he was 77 years old.

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