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「Tsuka/Others」 一覧

Jutte : Mumei (Unsigned)

2014/01/07   -Tsuka/Others

Jutte : Mei (signature) : Mumei (Unsigned) Length : about 50 cm or 19.68 inches Jidai(era) : Edo Period Special feature : This Jutte was made with iron. Jutte was used by law enforcement officers (called Okappiki or Doshin) during ...

Army military uniform

2014/01/05   -Tsuka/Others

Army military uniform Jidai (era):Showa period war time. Special feature : Very good condition Japanese army officer's uniform. Probably the uniform was made at China. He was a chief of post office and ordered to warfront in China. Probably he ...

Tsukamae : Fuchikashira Mei (signature) : Yoshitomo

2014/01/02   -Tsuka/Others

Tsuka: (NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho Paper) Fuchikashira Mei (signature) : Yoshitomo Tsuka maximum Length : 24.3 cm ( 9.57 inches) Fuchi Length : 3.86 cm x 2.12 cm( 1.52 inches x 0.84 inches) Kashira Length : 3.63 cm x 1.88 cm ...