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Fuchi Kashira: Nomura Masahide (Kao) branches and leafs


Fuchi Kashira:
Mei (signature) : Nomura Masahide (Kao) (consignment sale)

Fuchi Length : 3.81 cm x 2.20 cm x 1.14 cm
(1.50 inches x 0.86 inches x 0.45 inches)
Kashira Length : 3.39 cm x 1.73 cm x 0.98 cm
(1.33 inches x 0.68 inches x 0.39 inches)

Jidai(era) : Mid Edo Period

Special feature : On the brass plate, branches and leafs are engraved.
Nomura Masatugu has borned as Magoshichi of Nakamura family. He learned from Nomura Tadakichi and became adopted child of Masamichi and became 5th family head of Nomura family.
He lived at Kyobashi Edo and Tokushima. Skilled craftsman.
Detailed engrave is very beautiful.

AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Price : JPY 55,000-.