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Set of tosogu

Futatokoro-mono: Mumei(Unsigned) Shi-Shi Dog Design


Mei: Mumei (Unsigned)

Menuki :

Length 1 : 4.29cm x 1.9cm x 0.51cm
( 1.69inches x 0.75inches x 0.2inches)
Length 2 : 4.31cm x 1.75cm x 0.51cm
( 1.69inches x 0.69inches x 0.2 inches)

Menuki : On solid gold plate, shi-shi dog design is sculpted. On the back side, there is a stuffing to hold the shape of the thin gold menuki. It is gorgeous piece of work.

Fuchikashira and Kojiri:

Fuchi Length : 3.73cm x 2.36cm x 1.2cm
( 1.47inchs x 0.93inches x 0.47inches)
Kashira Length : 3.55cm x 2cm x 1.3cm
( 1.4inches x 0.79inches x 0.51inches)
Kojiri Length : 3.81cm x 2.35cm x 1.21cm
( 1.5inches x 0.93inches x 0.48inches)

Special Feature: On shakudo nanakoji plate, lion design is engraved and inlayed with gold. The dynamic lion design is excellent.

Price : 135,000 JPY-

-Set of tosogu