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Koshirae : Gold Powder lacquer Wave and Shell Design Koshirae


Koshirae :

Signature: Kinnashiji Nami Kai Kin Makie *Kenukigata Tachi Koshirae
Gold Powder lacquer Wave and Shell Design

*Kenukigata Tachi- Kenuki means hair tweezers because the center of the hilt is similar to the that.
The blade and the handle are produced by a piece of steel.
It is also known as Efu no Tachi.

So(All) Kanagu: Silver Lacquer Sukide Bori Takabori
Menuki: Silver plate chrysanthemum design With Ying Yang mekugi
Tsuba: Mumei Aoi Mokko shape silver plate. Inome or boar eye shape engraved on four sides.
桶底(Presumably written Tosoko) Mimi with Wave and Shell design. There are two pieces of Dai Seppa. Silver plate Sukide Takahori Shiho Inome Sukashi.
Tsuka: Kenukigata Chrysanthemum Karakusa desing Silver Nanakoji
Highly raised engraving and inlaid with gold.

Sokanagu: Wave and Shell design

We list here the rank of the Sword Smith. The top quality is Saijyo saku then Jyojyo saku, Jyo saku and regular saku.
This Kinnashiji Nami Kai Kin Makie Kenukigata Tachi Koshirae is ranked as Saijyo saku.

This Koshirae belongs to Saijyo saki ranking(The best quality ranking)
Whole length : about 97cm or 38.19inches
The length of Tsuka : about 21cm or 8.27inches
The length of Saya : about 75.7cm or 29.8inches
The length of Nakago : about 16.3cm or 6.42inches
The length of Blade : about 66.8cm or 26.3inches
The width at hamachi : about 2.43cm or 0.96inches
Kasane : about 0.58cm or 0.96inches

Special Feature: Kinnashiji. Shell design is illustrated with slightly high raised engraving. The Technique of using gorgeous thin Kinpaku or gold leaf is derived from Hosokawa family. It is precious Edo period Tachi Koshirae.
It is healthy flawless splendid work.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
Kiri Box

Price : JPY 1,800,000-.