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Koshirae : Mumei


Koshirae :

Signature: Mumei(unsigned)

Whole length : about 99.5cm or 39.19inches
The length of Tsuka : about 25.4cm or 10.04inches
The length of Saya : about 74cm or 29.15inches
The length of Nakago : about 8cm or 3.15inches
The length of Blade : about 87.7cm or 34.54inches
The width at hamachi : about 28.7cm or 11.3inches
Kasane : about 0.69cm or 0.27inches

Tsuba :Iron tsuba with design of squashes engraved. There is a signature of
Fuchikashira : On iron base, dragonfly is engraved.
Saya : Black ishimeji saya
Menuki : Copper base with some kind of animal engraved.
Kojiri: Copper base with some kind of animal engraved.
Era : Edo period.

AOI estimation paper

Price : JPY 100,000-.