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Kozuka Mei(signature):Mumei (Unsigned) On the Syakudo

Ordering number:F07063

Kozuka:Syakudo nanako plate.

Length:9.60cm or 3.78inches.×1.46cm or 0.57inches.
Jidai(era):middle Edo period.
Special feature:On the Syakudo nanako plate, the design of the Kanjincyo is engraved. The Benkei swat his master Ushiwakamaru.
The Kanjincyo story is very famous amaong Japanese people.
A hunted man Ushiwakamaru(Minamoto Yoshitsune) and his samurai tried to go through a barrier.
but government officials doughted them as hunted men.
In order to avoid doubt them, The most faithful subordinate Benkei hit his master
Ushiwakamaru(Minamoto Yoshitsune).
It is very famous scene. Japanese peaople like this story very much.

Aoi estimation paper.
in Kiri Box

Price: JPY 37,000-. (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)