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Menuki : Toshihisa (*Kibata-mei) Jyurou-Zu

Ordering number : F14351( Consignment Sale)

Menuki : The menuki is listed in "Nara Sansaku" directory
Mei (signature) : Toshihisa (*Kibata-mei) Jyurou-Zu or Design of the God of Longevity
We do not gurantee this signature.
*Kibata-mei is a signature graved at the side of the fittings.

Length 1 : 2.32cm x 1.33cm x 0.8cm
( 0.91inches x 0.52inches x 0.31inches)
Length 2 : 2.41cm x 1.52cm x 0.7cm
( 0.95inches x 0.6inches x 0.3inches)

Jidai(era) :Edo Period Circa Kanbun(1661-1672)

Special feature: He is one of the Nara school metal worker. He was a student of Toshiharu and was born in Kanbun 7th year. He was called Tahe-e. At GEnbun 1st year(1736) we has died at age 70.
He was a master metal worker and is also qualified as Jyuyo Bunkazai and Jyuyo BIjyutsu work.
This piece is listed in the directory of Narasansaku. Design of Jyurou(God of Longevity) and deer is engraved with shakudo, copper and gold. It is wonderful piece however, it is consignment sale item so we do not gurantee the signature.
Jyuro is a one of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune and he is known as the one who govern all the luck and happiness by himself. He has big head small body and has his deers with him. Deer is said to be one of the symbolic animals of long living along with the crane and the turtle.
Deer that is aged 1,000years is called Souroku and the deer that is aged 1,500years is called Genroku.
The Kibata-mei signature " Toshihisa" is engraved at the sleeve of Jyurou while the "kao" is engraved next to the deer leg. He was talented in making fine inlay

In Kiri box.
AOI estimation paper

Price : 280,000 JPY- (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)