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Sendai Tansu

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Sendai Tansu :

The Tansu was made by Shigeharu Masuno.
his career:1958:He was born at Kumamoto prefecture Amakusa city.
1976:He studied from Mr Toshio Watanabe for making Sendai Tansu.
1989:He got the prize of the chairman prize of Chusho Kigyo.
2004:He got the prize of Miyagi prefecture design contest and so on.
He has been making Sendai Tansu for about 40 years who is the top ranking Sendai tans craftsman.
He is making Sendai Tansu for praying keep more than 1000years.

Length : Width about 56 cm x Depth about 38 cm x Height about 92cm
(Width 22.04 inches x Depth 14.96 inches x Height 36.22 inches)
Jidai (era): modern time.
Special feature: Sendai Tansu is created at the end of the Edo period(1603-1868) through the local industry of the Sendai Domain, Sendai style chests of drawers were popular among Samurai, who used them to store their swords and Haori(Kimono). Commonly made from the wood of zelkova and chestnut trees. Characteristics of Sendai Tansu include Kijiro-Nuri, a lacquering technique that brings out the beauty of the wood grain, and elaborately designed ornamental iron fittings. Each of the various jobs required to produce the chest- the precision joining of the wooden frame, the application of a lacquer coating that gives the works their distinctive luster, and the crafting and affixing of the expressive ornamental fittings- are performed by a different highly skilled craftsperson. Today, Sendai style chests continue to feature these distinctive characteristics but are being produced in a variety of designs that match the changes in modern living environments. Recently his subjects come to be exported to foreign countries, USA Embassy,and others.The Kanagu(decoration shakudo shish dog, dragon is making each by each by hand made.It takes about 3 months until making his item. If you put the Sendai tansu in the house, the atmosphere will be more elegant and formal.The atmosphere becomes better, as a time passes. It completely differs from the present imprudent furniture. We recommend to obtain this fantastic Sendai Tansu(furniture).

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