Shikomi Tsue: Sword cane(stick) Mumei (unsigned)

Shikomi Tsue : Sword cane(stick) without blade
Mei (signature) : Mumei (unsigned)

Length : 93.8 cm or 36.93 inches
Length of Tsuka : 16.0 cm or 6.30 cm
Maximum diameter of Saya (Koikuchi) : 2.2 cm or 0.87 inches
Era : Meiji period.

Special feature : Shikomi-Tsue had been used among the people of Japan
who are not samurai classes (Onmitsu) since Edo period. It becomes
popular by the famous movie “Zaou Ichi”, and goods with elegance that
the age passes are comparatively unusual like this.
In 1876, Haitou-rei(decree banning the wearing of swords) were promulgated,
and there were people who had repulsed to it in the original samurai class.
They were concealing the sword in this kind of cane(stick).
We feel the history of Japanese sword that succeeded still now through the age of misfortune.
There are some places lacquer come off at the top of cane and the upper part of Saya,
it might be the places where the hand often touched when actually used.

Aoi Art Estimation Paper

Price : 45,000 JPY-

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