The Order of the Rising Sun, Green Paulownia Medal and Golden Kite (Japanese military award)

1.The Order of the Rising Sun, Green Paulownia Medal
Box size: Length 9.44cm x Width 6.09cm x Thickness 2.38 cm
Jidai: Meiji 8th year
Special Feature: Kyokujitsusho is the first price that is enacted in Japan.
Men who acheived has received this prize. Due to the Eiten system, the price system has simplified, making the eighth prize shorten to 6 prize.
It is rare item.

2.The Order of the Golden Kite (Japanese military award)
Box size: Length 8.36cm x Width 6.08cm x thickness 2.75cm
Jidai: Meiji 23rd year
Special Feature: The prize was dedicated to the army and navy solders.
The purpose of this prize is to appraise those who achieved at the war time.
As there are no Army in Japan now, this prize is now abandoned. Hence, even
those who won at war time cannot wear the prize.

In box
AOI estimation paper

Price : 30,000 JPY-

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