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Set of tosogu

Tsuba : Mumei(Attributed as Rakujyu school)

Ordering number : F13072(Consignment sale)

Tsuba:(Iai Do 10Dan Mr Kiyota sensei made these Tsuba)(Consignment sale)
Mei (signature) : Mumei(Attributed as Rakujyu school)

Tsuba : Large
Length : 8.09 cm x 8.05 cm (3.18 inches x 3.16 inches)
Thickness of rim : 0.39 cm (0.15 inches)

Tsuba : Small
Length : 7.34 cm x 7.28 cm (2.88 inches x 2.86 inches)
Thickness of rim : 0.39 cm (0.15 inches)
Jidai(era) : Gendai.

Special feature : Rakujyu is quite well known Tsuba maker followed by Matashichi and suitable for Higo Kasen Koshirae.
This pair of Tsuba was made by Kiyota sensei who was working at army officer captain.
After the war end, he worked at Jieitai(self diffence army).
After retired He worked for making sword Koshirae and Tsuba by himself.
Also he got the Iai tytke 10 dan(the top ranking Iaido)
This pair of the Tsuba was made by Kiyota sensei by his own best.
This Tsuba is mentioned Tsuba 100 #2 page 70 by publisher Mr Mitsuo Shibata.
Even if the new Tsuba, he made by using concentrate energy. He is now age more than 90 years.
The designe is unusual butterfly.

AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Price:JPY 75,000-. (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)

-Set of tosogu