Tsuka: Jyabara Kumiage Hishimaki Style

Tsuka: NBTHK Hozon Paper
Fuchi Signature: Seijyo

Tsuka maximum Length : 24cm ( 9.45inches)
Fuchi Length : 3.95cm x 2.24cm ( 1.56inches x 0.88inches)
Kashira Length : 3.55cm x 1.93cm ( 1.4inches x 0.76inches)
Width of Nakago: 2.77cm x 0.87cm ( 1.09inches x 0.34inches)
Era: Edo Period

Special Feature:
Mei: Seijyo
On shakudo plate, peony and shi-shi dog is engraved and inlayed with gold. Signed Goto Seijo on a small metal plate put on the reverse side of one menuki. It is called tanzaku-mei in Japanese. The first Seijo was born as the second son of Ritsujo at Kyoto in 1606.
Menuki: Shakudo plate with design of a Peony and branch.
Tsuka: It is tetsu nando (dark navy blue ) color ito tsuka that is wrapped in jyabara Kumiage hishigata(diamond shape) style.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
AOI estimation paper

Price : 85,000 JPY-

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