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Writing box and Writing table : Mumei-Wakaura Makie Lacquer Writing Box


Writing box and Writing table :
Mei (signature) : Mumei Wakaura Makie Lacquer Writing Box

Length : H 29cm x W 26cm x D 6cm
(H 11.41inches x W 10.23inches x D 2.36inches)
Length : H 37cm x W 70cm x D 17cm
(H 14.56inches x W 27.55inches x D 6.69inches)

Jidai (era) : Edo Period

Special feature : Suzuri, Suzuri Box, Vessel and Table.

Wakaura : The Nationally Designated area of Northern Wakayama.
It is the pipeline and scenic spot of Tamazushima and Kataominami.
It is historical place of scenic beauty and it is also called Waka no Ura from Yamabeno Akahito who wrote in Manyoushu.
The high tide in Wakaura has covered the tidal flat so the cranes has squealing across to the clump of weeds growing on the water edge.
Such feeling is well expressed in this work.

Writing Table : Gold Makie with wood, building and farm field drawn in extremely fine manner taking much time.
The field of bank is also engraved in detail.
The metal around is Shakudo plate that is carefully produced.
It is a masterpiece with much technique of Japanese craft man.
It is truly fine work writing box without any defect.

Suzuri Box : It is refined house and pine tree with the hill top engraved and gold and silber Makie lacquer.
From the entrance, the house seems to be that of a highly-educated man.
On the back of the lid, a drawing of the ocean wave, bird and pine tree is drawn in gold inlay.

Vessel for Ink Stone Water : It is silver plate with pine design engraved.

The owner of the box has allowed us to sell in the most reasonable price.
Please consider in this opportunity.
We also recommend as a present for your wife and child.

In the Kiri box.
Aoi Art estimation paper

Price : 700,000 JPY-