Yoroi and Kabuto (Armor) : Mumei

Yoroi and Kabuto (Armor)

Mei (signature) : Mumei

Special feature : It is fine work as a whole.
Jidai(era) : Late Muromachi Period to Early Edo Period
Maedate : Copper half moon brass plate
Kabuto : Iron 74 plate Kabuto. It is in nice condition. The work is from late Muromachi period to early Edo Period. Most likely does not have a signature.
Shikoro : 4 layers
Menpo : Iron plate with black lacquered.
Do : Iron plate with Kozane.s
Kusazuri : 5 layers with Kozane.
Sode : Iron plate with 7 layers Kozane.
Kote : Iron plate. The hand is iron with pattern.
Haidate : Iron plate with Kozane.

Aoi-Art estimation paper.
In Armor box.
*Please note : The price does not include shipping fee. (About ¥50,000-)

Price : 1,500,000 JPY-

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