Yoroi and Kabuto (Armor):for children

Yoroi and Kabuto (Armor):for children
Armor for May Doll Black Furuzane Akaito Odoshi

Signature :Hirai Jyu Issui Saku

The blade was polished.
Height: 150 cm or 59.1inches.
Era: Modern Kacchushi
Shape : This Yoroi and Kabuto was made for the Boy’s festival in May.

Special feature : Heian Jyu Issui is a famous doll maker.
Althogh the time has passed, the Issui’s armors are there to wish the health and success of children.
The armors would watch over the kids until they grow up and will then be passed down to the descendants.
At Showa 14th year, Issui was born as the first son of Imamura Zenjiro.
He then started to built up his skill of armor making while succeeding to the family business.
While he was protecting the traditional skills, he has also worked hard on developing his skill and quality.
He was then chosen as an official traditional craftman from MInister of Economy, Trade and Industry.
In Heisei 13th years, he has received the name of third generation Heian Jyu Issui for inheritting the skill and pride of Kacchushi.
At the same year, he has won the prize from Japanese Doll Association as a recoginition of his service in the sword industry.
Until today, he has received high reputation for the pieces he put in the exhibition such as the national convention of traditional arts.
Alike Takehisa and Awataguchi, he is one of the representing doll makers of Kyoto.
This piece’s condition is no different from the time this was made.
The Yoroi-Bitsu box is also in excellent condition.
We recommend the piece for your children for May 5th Children day decoration.
It is impossible to purchase such piece in this price.

In armor box.
Aoi Art estimation paper

Price : 350,000 JPY-

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