Yoroi and Kabuto : Mumei(unsigned)

Yoroi and Kabuto :

Mei (signature) : Mumei(unsigned)

Kabuto : 24 plates suji kabutto.
shikoro : Iron 4 dan kasane style.
Fukikaeshi: Katabami-mon.
Maetate : The blass plate, design is Vajra. signature : Hide ?
Menpo : Iron Menpo.
Suga : Iron 5 dan kasane style.

Do : The part of before and after is make with 3 iron plate.
Kusazuri : Iron 5 dan kasane style.
Sode : Iron 7 dan kasane style.
Jidai(era) : Edo period.

Special feature : This Armor is make with iron, hand of the Kote, put same cotton is thick in the back.
It is good work of protecting the people who use.

Aoi-Art estimation paper.
With Yoroi Bitsu

Price: JPY 550,000-.

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