A set of Kabuto(Myochin Nobuie) and Menpo

A set of Kabuto and Menpo

Kabuto :
Mei (signature) : Myochin Nobuie
Daiei 2 Nen Umajin 11 Gatsu Kichijitsu(1522)

Maetate : Matte was made by syakudo plate with gold color.
Jidai(era) : Daiei 2 Nen (1522)
Weigth : 2425grams.
Special feature : Very nice iron sujikabuto 32 paltes.
On the back inside of the Kabuto, the name and date are engraved.
The Kabuto’s weight is very heavy(2425 grams) and nice iron color.
Back graund of history : Daien 2nd year(1522)Sen rikyu was born.
Daimyo Shibata Katsuie was born.

Menpo : The Menpo is made from iron, and the back is red color Urushinuri.
The condition is very good.
Aoi-Art estimation paper.

Price : 570,000 JPY-

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