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Kogatana 未分類

Bashin :(Kikumon)Kaminari Yoke


Mei(signature):(Kikumon)Kaminari Yoke
Length:21.3cm ×1.25cm ( 8.39inches × 0.49 inches)

Jidai(era):Edo period.
Jitetsu:Itame hada well grained with Jinie attach.

Hamon:Niedeki Suguha hamon and tuens back Yakisage Hamon which is as same as front hamon.
Special feature:On the Nakago, there are many Kanji(Japanese words) are engraved by Kiritsuke way but it is rather difficult to distinguish.
From the ancient time, Japanese people afraid earthquake, Kaminari (Thunder lightning, thunderbolt), fire and elderly men. Traveling person especially worried about the thunderbolt.
So they were bringing a lucky charm to not hit by the thunderbolt.
This Bashin is typical fortune tag. Bashin means It is told with a needle to do the blood omission of a part congested in the situation that a horse is tired of walking with the horse needle, and cannot walk more than this.

in Kiri box
AOI estimation paper

Price : 25,000 JPY-

-Kogatana, 未分類