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Ceramic: Tokuda Yasokichi (3rd generation)


Signature: Tokuda Yasokichi (3rd generation)

Maximum width 12 cm x height 20 cm
(Maximum width 4.72 inches x height 7.87 inches)
Diameter of Takadai (bottom): 7.8 cm ( 3.07 inches)
Period: Modern age

Special feature: Tokuda Yasokichi was modern ceramic artist of Kutani
in Ishikawa pref.
The characteristic is very beautiful gradation of color, and this technique is called Saiyu. He used around 70 colors.

In 1933, he was born in Ishikawa pref.
He study under his grandfather (1st generation Tokuda Yasokichi) and his father (2nd generation).
In 1988, he succeed 3rd generation Tokuda Yasokichi,
He has gotten many prizes.
In 1997, he became tha Living National Treasures of Japan.
In 2009, he passed away.

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AOI estimation paper
In Kiri box.

Price : JPY 200,000-.