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Katana: (Kinzogan-Mei)Kanbun 10th Year June 26th (Cutting Test)by Ogawa Masatoshi

Ordering number : 14212

Katana in Shirasaya, with Koshirae.(NBTHK Hozon Paper)

Cutting Test Signature
Signature : Kanbun 10th Year(1670) June 26th (Cutting Test)by Ogawa Masatoshi(Kaou)
(Kinzogan-Mei) using Two bodies at Kamiyagawa River, Kyoto

The blade was polished
Habaki : Silver Single Habaki
Blade length : 72.6cm or 28.58inches.
Sori : 1.5cm or 0.59inches.
Mekugi : 2
Width at the hamachi : 3.33cm or 1.31inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 2.27cm or 0.89inches.
Kasane : 0.73cm or 0.29inches.
Era : Edo Kanbun Period
Shape : It is 3.33cm wide and thick and the kissaki is quite long ended. It is typical Kanbun shape
Jitetsu : Itame hada well grained with mixture of mokume hada.
It is well grained katana with mixture of Kinzuji
Hamon : NIe Deki with deep nioiguchi and ashi is soft.
There are sunagashi and kinsuji works. Boshi is round and there is some weak kinsuji works.

Special feature : This katana is originally a cutting sword of Shitahara with cutting test.
Ogawa Masatoshi hasjdone Tameshigiri.
The torso of two bodies were cut down to the flat ground on Kanbun 10th year August 28th.
The sharpness is outstanding. It is wide and thick strong looking katana.
It is wide and thick katana with nice design Shitahara Katana.
It is already attributed as NBTHK Hozon Paper.
It is nice condition Musashi Taro Yasukuni piece. It is nice and sharp katana.

Koshirae : Tachi Koshirae
Tsuba :Oval shape iron tsuba with engraving of family crest. There is gold inlay.
Fuchikashira : On brass plate, Karakusa pattern is engraved and inlayed with gold.
Saya : On Red-Brown saya Ishimeji is engraved with family crest engraved in gold.
Menuki : Copper plate with family crest engraved.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

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