Katana : Mumei (late Koto)

Katana in Shirasaya with Koshirae

Signature : Mumei (late Koto)
The blade was polished.
Habaki : Copper Habaki
Blade length : 77.9 cm or 30.6 inches.
Sori : 1.8 cm or 0.7 inches.
Mekugi : 2
Width at the hamachi : 2.82 cm or 1.11 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 1.69 cm or 0.66 inches.
Kasane : 0.70 cm or 0.27 inches.
Era : Late Muromachi period.
Shape : Oosuriage Mumei blade.The sori is rather deep.
The shape is very good. It has regular width and thickness.
Jitetsu : Itame hada well grained with
Hamon : Nie base suguha which gradually becomes kogunome.Form the monouchi the ha is weak.
There are some shirake style utsuri seen. Ashi is well attached.

Special feature : It is suitable for Iai as it is long(77.9cm) and it is easy to take the katana out.
There are some minor flaws but it is barely seen. The koshirae is modern koshirae.
The blade itself old and can enjoy the texture.

Saya : Ishimeji saya. Green color
Tsuba : Iron base tsuba. The shape is Mokkou shape.
There are some kizami(engraved) around the rim.
There are various pattern engraved in openwork(Nanban tsuba).
Fuchigashira : Copper with human engraved.
Menuki : Shakudou base with a design of the cow engraved.

Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

price:JPY 250,000-.

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