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Kozuka:Araki Tomei.

Japanese Sword Fittings Ordering number:F06245

Kozuka:Syakudo nanako plate.
Mei(signature): Araki Tomei.
Length: 9.68cm or 3.811inches ×1.46cm or 0.575inches.
Jidai:Late Edo period.
Special feature: On the nice Syakudo nanako plate, millet and the ears and also
a sickle are engraved.
the ears are very nice quality carving and almost as sama as Araki Tomei but
the quality doesn't reached his skill.
Probably some craft man made this item.
Anyway even if the item is not reliable, the quality is very attaractive.

with kiri box
Aoi estimation paper.

150,000 YEN (including shipping charge and also insurance fee)