Masterpiece:Takigawa Oumi no kami Tachibana Masahio.

Katana in Shirasaya (NBTHK #32 Juyo Token)
Signature:Takigawa Oumi no kami Tachibana Masahio.
Houjyou-ji 23dai.

The blade was polished by top ranking polisher.
Habaki :Gold foiled double habaki.
Blade length : 69.7 cm or 27.44 inches.
Sori : 2.0 cm or 0.78 inches.
Width at the hamachi : 3.17 cm or 1.24 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 2.17 cm or 0.85 inches.
Kasane : 0.65 cm or 0.25 inches.
Era : Edo period Kanbun era.
Shape : The blade is wide (3.17 cm) and thick with rather deep sori nice looking shape.
Jitetsu :Itame hada well grained with jinie attach and chikei work nice jigane.
Hamon : Niedeki suguha from the hamachi and then gunome midare with thick nioikuchi. In Ha, there are many sunagashi and small kinsuji work.

Special feature : Masahiro moved to Edo and educated many sword makers like Sadakuni, Masateru, Kunimasa, and Masatsugu and so on.
He was strongly influenced from Kotetsu and made like his sword bright jigane and gunome hamon with thick nioikuchi.
This sword is deep nioikuchi gnome midare hamon, different sori from Kanbun shinto style blade, this blade is elegant looking shape. Also Takigawa mei (signature) is precious sword.
We strongly recommended this Masahiro’s beautiful saijyo-saku ranking sword.

NBTHK #32 Juyo Token.
Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

Price : JPY 3,500,000-.



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