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Suzuri-hako and Makie-hako : Ekakeji

Ordering number : F141276 (Consignment sale)

Suzuri-hako and Makie-hako : Ekakeji number 221(this number is home treasure number)

Length of Suzuri-hako : Width 22.2 cm x Depth 24.7 cm x Height 4.7 cm
(Width 8.74 inches x Depth 9.72 inches x Height 1.85 inches)
Length of Makie-hako : Width 32.9 cm x Depth 41.9 cm x Height 16.1 cm
(Width 12.95 inches x Depth 16.49 inches x Height 6.33 inches)
Jidai (era) : Early Edo Period

These Makie Ryoshi bake and Suzuri ball are the top ranking item.
On the surface front, Japanese garden of Daimyo or nobleman.
On the Hundame Makie box, gold kiri-gane and makie gold painted around the box.
According to the owner of the box, the box were stored by Konoike family which is the richest person in Late Edo to Meiji.
The owner obtained from that family Konoike so many years ago.
He has decided to sell recently.
These Makie box are museum items.

In the Kiri box.
Aoi Art estimation paper

Price : 1,800,000 JPY- (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)