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Tanto:Mumei attributed to Osafune Motomitsu.

Ordering number:04289

Sunnobi-tanto: NBTHK Hozon-token.
Signature: Unsigned, attributed to Osafune Motomitsu.
The blade is polished, with a silver foiled habaki, in a shirasaya.
Blade length: 33.7ccm or 13.27inches. Sori: 0.2cm or 0.08inch. Width at the hamachi: 2.82cm or 1.11inches. Thickness at the hamachi: 0.46cm or 0.18inch.
Era: Nambokucho period. 14th century.

Shape: A wide hira-zukuri tanto.
Horimono: Bo-hi is carved on the both sides.
Jitetsu: Mokume is comnined with itame-hada. Jinie, chikei and utsuri appear on the surface.
Hamon: kogunome-midare undulatas with soft nioi-kuchi.

Motomitsu was one of a star swordsmith in the golden age of Osafune School. Motomitsu, Tomomitsu and Masamitsu were excellent pupils of Kanemitsu the Second. A survive work of Motomitsu dated in 1356 shows that he and Kanemitsu the Second worked in the same age. Motohitsu forged wide tachi and tanto and the workmanship resembles to Kanemitsu.

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