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A few years ago I went to a screening of Match Point a few weeks before it came out and afterward they had virtually all the main cast members there and Woody Allen as well to answer questions from the audience. They were all then heading over to the premiere so they were all dressed up, and Scarlett was wearing like this silver ball gown.

Anyway, after the Q they held the hollister outlet audience to allow all the cast members and Woody to exit the theater without getting hassled, but when they did let us all out, Scarlett was still hanging out in the lobby, looking for the bathroom, which she found at about the same time I did. After I was done I came out and waited for my friends I gone to the movie hollister Pas Cher with to come out of the bathroom, and happened to be standing next to whomever Scarlett "people" were (agent or whomever), and when she came out of the bathroom they asked her if anyone had hassled her in the bathroom. She said no, here and then they all left.

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