Tsuba : Hizen Ju Shigeyoshi saku ‘Ishi-Tōrō (Stone lantern)’

Mei (signature) : Hizen Ju Shigeyoshi saku

Length : 7.95 cm x 7.79 cm (3.12 inches x 3.06 inches)
Tickness of rim : 0.63 cm (0.24 inches)
Weight : 185 grams
Jidai(era) : Edo period

Special feature: On the unique style iron tsuba, Ishi-Tōrō (stone lantern) is engraved with openwork.
Ishi-Tōrō is Japanese a traditional lantern made of stone, found in Japanese garden and temple.
The design is so avant-grade and artistic.

AOI estimation paper.
In Kiri box.

Price: JPY 45,000-.

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