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Yoroi and Kabuto (Sndai Yoroi)


Yoroi and Kabuto (Armor)

Period : Edo Period

Kabuto : Tetsu Kuro Urushi-nuri Momogata Kabuto. Fukikaeshi is iron work with family crest.
Shikoro is Kuro Urushi-nuri Iron 5 plates.
Menpo : Tetsu Kuro Urushi-nuri Menpo and back is red color.
Tooth is gold color.
Suga : Iron 3 plates.
Do : Kuro Urushi-nuri iron 5 Mai Sendai Do.
Kusazuri : Kuro Urushi-nuri 5 Dan 8 Kan iron plates.
Haidate : Kikko(tortoiseshell) shape Haidate.
Suneate : Iron Kuro Urushi-nuri Oshishino Suneate.
Sode : Iron Kuro Urushi-nuri 6 plates.
Kote : Iron Kuro Urushi-nuri Oshishino and Kikko Kote.
Yoroibitsu : There is a family crest drawn on the front.

Special feature : The family crest is called ‘Maru Ni Ken Katabami’
The jidai is old and there is some cracked parts.

Aoi Estimation Paper
With a Yoroibitsu Box

Price : JPY 750,000-.