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Katana: Gashu Fujiwara attributed as Choji


Katana in Koshirae: (NBTHK Hozon paper)
Signature : Gashu Fujiwara (Den Choji)

The blade is polished.
Habaki : Gold colored single copper Habaki
Blade length : 67.9 cm or 26.7 inches.
Sori : 1.4 cm or 0.55 inches.
Mekugi : 2
Width at the hamachi : 3.00 cm or 1.18 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 1.89 cm or 0.74 inches.
Kasane : 0.68 cm or 0.27 inches.
Era : Edo period around Jokyo era (around A.D.1684~1687)
Shape : 695 grams.
Jitetsu : Koitame-hada well grained with Jinie attached.
Jigane is beautiful and clear.
Hamon : NIe-deki with Suguha, Notare and also some squarish Gunome-Midare mixed. Boushi turns round shape.

Special feature : Kaga province were wealthy under the leadership of Daimyo Maeda clan. Many swordsmith worked at Kanazawa and around and Gashu Fujiwara Choji is one of them.
According to ‘Kaga Shinto Taikan’ published by NBTHK Ishikawa branch, e can found thw blades forged at Kanbun era (1661~1672) and Jouou (1652~1654) era. From the difference if signature engraved, Gashu Fujiwara Choji seems to having two generations and the blade should be the second generation.

Koshirae :
Tsuba : Mokko shape iron Tsuba with many birds of passage carved with gold color.
Fuchikashira : Many autumn flowers carved on Shakudo Nanakoji plate with gold color.
Saya : Black Kadobue style Saya.
Menuki : Hotei (Budai) from seven lucky gods carved on Shakudo plate with gold color. The divine help of Hotei works to ‘Laugh and get fat’, ‘matrimonial happiness’ and ‘be blessed with children’.

NBTHK Hozon paper (Just passed July Shinsa, waiting for paper to be published)
Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

Price : JPY ¥350,000-.