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Pretend To Worship Satan

Keep a long black cloak and some red finger paint under your bathroom sink, when a Jehovas Witness knocks on your door invite them in kindly with a welcoming smile, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom north face jacket briefly. It's time to put on your Satanist robe and use the finger paint to quickly paint up some pagan symbols you google image searched on your chest and forehead. If you wear glasses keep some red contacts handy.

When the north face outlet you walk out dressed like Aleister Crowley on a Saturday night just say in a very nonchalant tone "Sorry I'm summoning Anzanzu the sodomy demon in like fifteen minutes, how can I help you?"

Or if cheap north face jackets your good with make up and happen to have a really sweet cheap louis vuitton handbags drum set

After your terrified Mormon friends runs screaming out of your house you can kick back in your Satan wear, have louis vuitton mens wallets uk a root beer and chuckle to yourself as you say "why do i do these ridiculous things for cheap laughs?"

Also if your an animal person, buy a goat, not only do you get a cute furry pal, you also get a hell of a laugh when you slaughter the click here goat in front of your door to door preacher/vacuum cleaners salesmen (really this could apply to anyone selling things door to door)

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