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Sunnobi Tanto:Kanefusa


Ordering number: 05237

Sunnobi Tanto in Shirasaya and Koshirae.
Blade length: 40.8cm or16.1nches.
Sori: 1.2cm or 0.472inches
Width of Hamachi area:3.15cm or 1.24 inches
Kasane(thickness):0.685cm or 0.27nches
Era: late Muromachi period (Eiroku era 1560) 448 years ago.
Shape:The Mihaba is wide ,long and nice sori (curve) attaractive shape.
Jitetsu:Itame hada(wood brock pattern) well grained with much Jinie attach and also Chikei appear on the Ji.
Hamon: Nie deki Gunome midare hamon with Togagiba ( sharp-pointed hamon) with thick Nie.

Special feature:TYhe founder of the Kanefusa started Eikyo era muromachi period departed from Zenjyo school and continued his school to Edo period.
In Mino school, ther are many famous sword smith like Kanesada.Kanemoto,Hachiya Kanesada and Kanefusa.
During he Age of Civil [Provincial] Wars at that time, uncountable swords were made at Mino province because of the reputation of tha cut well swords.
But on the contrary, many poor blades were produced and decreased the reputation later on. But The top group of Mino blades are high valuation. In Japan, expert of Japanese sword, tried to buy like these sword smoth.
This Kanefusa was made around late Muromachi period.
The blade is quite healthy and nice work.
Tsuba; On the Iron Tsuba a a butterfly is engraved with gold color.
Menuki: a butterfly is engraved with gold and syakudo plate.
Fuchikashira a butterfly is engraved with gold and syakudo plate.
Kojiri:On the shibuichi plate, Japanese pampas grass is paited by gold color.
Kozuka: 3 butterflies are engraved on the syakudo nanako plate, by gold color.
NBTHK Hozon paper:Aoi-Art estimation paper:whole Oshigata

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