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Tachi (Katana) Echigo Ju Sadaaki


Tachi (Katana) in Shirasaya.
Signature : Echigo Ju Sadaaki Saku Kore.
Showa 53 Nen 2 Gatsu Kichijitsu,
(the blade was made at 1978 Feb lucky day.)
(We divide 4 sections for each sword as Saijo saku, Jojo saku, Jo saku and regular saku)
This sword belongs to Jojo saku ranking.

The blade was polished by good polisher.
Habaki :Gold foiled double habaki.
Blade length : 75.9cm or 29,9 inches.
Sori : 2.2cm or 0.87 inches.
Mekugi :  1
Width at the hamachi :3.4 cm or 1.34inches.
Width at the Kissaki :2.33 cm or 0.92 inches.
Kasane : 0.9cm or 0.35 inches.
Weight: 890 grams
Era : Modern ages 1978
Shape : The blade is long,wide and thick with deep sori gorgeous shape.
Jigane :Koitame hada well grained with jinie attach beautiful texture.
On the left side, strong masamehada appear middle part.
Shinogiji texture:The jigane is same as Hiraji.
Hamon : Niedeki suguha and gunome midare mixed.

Special feature:Echigo Ju Sadaaki was born at Syowa 4th and called Kouichi Noguchi. He worked at Niigata prefecture and studied under the Watanabe Sadatsugu.
This sword's weight is 890 grams only even though the blade is long and wide.

Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

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Price : JPY ¥400,000-.