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Tanto:Bishu Osafune Kiyomitsu Saku. Tembun 14 Nen 2 Gatsu Hi.

Ordering number: 07160

Signature: Bishu Osafune Kiyomitsu Saku. Tembun 14 Nen 2 Gatsu Hi.

The blade is polished, with a gold-plated copper habaki. Accompanied with a certificate issued by Mr. Kazuo Tokuno.
Blade length: 19.0cm or 7.48inches.
Sori: None.
Width at the hamachi: 1.95cm or 0.77inch.
Thickness at the hamachi: 0.73cm or 0.29inch.
Era: Muromachi period. February 1545.

Shape: A hira-zukuri tanto.
Jitetsu: O-itame is combined with itame. Chikei and faint utsuri appear on the both surface.
Hamon: ko-gunome.

Special feature : Harima, Mimasaka and Bizen province had been prospered under the protection of the Akamatsu family. Above all, Bizen province has turned out a great many talented swordsmiths. A large number of swords were made there in the late Muromachi period not only supplying the demand of the Age of Provincial Wars in Japan but also as an important exporting item to the Ming dynasty in China. It is said that the founder of Osafune School was Mitsutada in mid 13th century. Kiyomitsu was one of a swordsmith clan prospered at Osafune in Bizen province. The name had been succeeded for generations. Above all, Gorozaemon (No) Jo Kiyomitsu circa Tembun era and Magoemon (No) Jo Kiyomitsu circa Eiroku era are famous among them.

Aoi Art estimatin paper : whole Oshigata.

Price : ¥350,000- (including shipping charge and 100% insurance fee)