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Wakizashi : Bizen Kuni Ju Osafune Gorozaemon Jo Kiyomitsu/Tenbun 3 Nen 8 gatsuhi

Ordering number : 14306

Wakizashi in Shirasaya, with Koshirae. (NBTHK Hozon Paper)

Signature : Bizen Kuni Ju Osafune Gorozaemon Jo Kiyomitsu.
Tenbun 3 Nen 8 gatsuhi (1535,August.)

The blade was polished.
Blade length : 36.6 cm or 14.4 inches.
Sori : 0.45 cm or 0.177 inches.
Mekugi : 1
Width at the hamachi : 3.26 cm or 1.28 inches.
Kasane : 0.78 cm or 0.31 inches.
Era : late Muromachi period Tenbun era.
Shape : The blade is very wide(3.26cm) and thick and engrave Kenmaki ryu
and dokko in the front and on the back, Hachiman Daibosatsu Japanese characters priest words.
The god of good fortune of battle.
The blade is very healthy and good work.
Jitetsu : Koitame had and mokume had mixed with jinie attach beautifly texture.
Hamon : Niedeki suguha with kasha work.

Special feature : Gorozaemon Jyo Kiyomitsu is one of the best sword maker in Muromachi period Bizen school.
Sukesada and Kiyomitsu are both top ranking bizen school sword makers.
At that time Japan was war time and produced uncountable swords for supply demanding samurai.
Most of them are mass productive swords but Daimyo and other high ranking samurai asked to make
the best quality swords which is called Zokumyo Uchi sword.
These swords are put the signature on the Nakago own his craftsman's name which is called Zokumyo.
These magnificent swords are coveted by high ranking samurai and Daimyo.
Especially Goro daemon and Magouemon Kiyomitsu and well known sukesada.
This blade is wide and thick very healthy blade and fantastic Jigane.
The condition of the Nakago is perfect and bistable to see the Yasurime and signature well.
This sword has been kept in good condition for a long period with take a great care of sword.
Engrave a dragon twisting Ken and Hachiman Daibosatsu Japanese words are nice.
We strangle recommend this healthy sword for you.

Koshirae :
Tsuba : On the yamagane plate, a dragon and a tiger are engraved.
Fuchikashira : On the shakudo nanako plate, flowers are engraved with gold color.
Saya : On the dark brown color, kin nashi ji powder spread.
Menuki : A bow and arrow are engraved by syakudo and gold color.
Kozuka : On the shakudo plate, waves and a dragon engraved with gold color.
Kurikata : On the shakudo plate, waves and a dragon engraved with gold color.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

Price : 1,500,000 JPY- (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)