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Wakizashi : Mumei (Uda)

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Wakizashi in Koshirae (NBTHK Hozon Paper)

Signature : Mumei (Uda)

The blade was polished.
Habaki : Silber single foiled habaki
Blade length : 47.8 cm or 18.81 inches.
Sori : 0.8 cm or 0.31 inches.
Mekugi : 2
Width at the hamachi : 2.71 cm or 1.06 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 1.99 cm or 0.78 inches.
Kasane : 0.63 cm or 0.24 inches.
Era : Late Muromachi period.
Shape : Oosuriage mumei(cut shorten)with regular size width and thickness. The tip boushi part is long.
Jitetsu : Itame hada we ll grained with jinie attached, The texture of the steel
is well seen. On the back of the ha, there are some kitae crack.
Hamon : Nie base suguha with some notare ha and uchinoke seen. There are some koashi seen too. Boushi is round and brush up style.

Special feature : From the jigane and hamon it could be attributed as Uda,
Uda school started from Kamakura period to Nanbokucho period by sword smith such as Kunifusa and Kunimune.
It is regretful that this piece has some kitae cracks in the middle of the ha but the condition is very good.

Koshirae :
Tsuba : It is angular wound iron tsuba with open work. Edo period.
Fuchikashira : Shakudou nanakoji with dragon engraved and inlayed with gold.
Saya : Black Roiro saya
Menuki : Dragon is engraved on Shakudou.
Kozuka : Shakudou nanakoji base with flower design engraved.

NBTHK Hozon Paper
Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

Price : 120,000 JPY-
(including shipping and 100% insurance fee)