Wakizashi:Sasshu Ju Fujiwara Masayoshi. Horeki 4 Nen 2Gatsu Nichi

Wakizashi : NBTHK Tokubetsu-hozon Token

Signature: Sasshu Ju Fujiwara Masayoshi. Horeki 4 Nen 2Gatsu Nichi. Sandai Masayoshi Kore (Wo) Shirusu.
The blade is polished, with a copper habaki, in a shirasaya.
Blade length: 53.8cm or 21.18 inches. Curvature: 1.1cm or 0.43 inch.
Width at the hamachi: 3.11cm or 1 .22 inches Width at the yokote: 2.29cm or 0.9 inch
Thickness: 0.73cm or 0.29 inch
Era: Edo period. February,1754.

Shape: Well-proportioned wakizashi with broadish width and thickness.
Jitetsu: Fine Ko-Itame surface gives us muddy impression. Jinie attached well.
Hamon: Deep-nioi-kuchi, ko-gunome hamon. Some part becomes double hamon.
Boshi: Ko-maru kaeru. (Small rounded end). Kaen-hu boshi. (Fire shaped boshi).

Sasshu Ju Fujiwara Masayoshi 3rd was a son of 2nd Masayoshi. He was a swordsmith of Satsuma province, present Kagoshima prefecture,and followed Miyahara Masachika school. He changed his name to ‘Hoki no kami Ason Masayuki’ in Kansei 1st (1789). He was well known as ‘Masayuki’ and worked actively Kansei era.Masayoshi’ was his first signature and this work was made when he was only 22 years. It was a fantastic work approved Tokubetsu Hozon. There are one-pin-hole in the middle of the blade, and more or less rusty part in the nakago. Regardless of those faults, we strongly recommend it as his earliest excellent work.

Price : JPY 900,000-.


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