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Wakizashi : Mumei(Kashu Ietada)

Ordering number : 14077

Wakizashi in Shirasaya, with Koshirae. (NBTHK Hozon Paper)

Signature : Mumei(Kashu Ietada)

Shinto : Chujyosaku : Wazamono : Kaga
The blade was polished
Habaki : Silver single habaki.
Blade length : 45.8 cm or 18.03 inches.
Sori : 0.7 cm or 0.28inches.
Mekugi : 1
Width at the hamachi : 2.8 cm or 1.1 inches.
Width at the Kissaki : 0.91 cm or 0.36 inches.
Kasane : 0.63 cm or 0.25 inches.
Era : Early Edo Period
Shape : Suriage mumei with regular width.
Jitetsu : It is masame hada well grained with jinie attached.
There is chikei works seen.
Hamon : Nie structure with gunome midare with ashi and yo well attached.

Special feature : Kashu Ietada lives in Kanazawa and was called Yoshi Be-e and ater on, had second name called Shogen.
The piece is similar to Kanewaka.
However, it is rare to see the masame pattern.
From the itame hada and gunome midare hamon, it is attributed as Kashu Ietada.
The well grained masama pattern and the nice gunome midare is finely made.
This sword has passed hozon paper.

Koshirae :
Tsuba : Mokko shape iron tsuba with two man engraved and inlayed with gold.
Fuchikashira : Shakudo plate with warrior design engraved and inlayed with gold.
Saya : Black roiro saya with liner pattern.
Menuki : Shakudo plate with kabuto and menpo engraved and inlayed with gold.
Kozuka : Shakudo plate with chrythansemum design engraved and inlayed with gold.

NBTHK Hozon Paper Attributed in Showa 63(1988) April

Aoi Art estimation paper : whole Oshigata.

Price : 250,000 JPY- (including shipping and 100% insurance fee)